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Our Approach

Home is your retreat, oasis, and the hub of your family life.  As such, it should reflect who you are, and how you live.

We understand that home is vitally important, and a home that is designed well, functions optimally, and looks beautiful is a pleasure to live in.

After 25 years as a home builder and remodeler in Oregon's Willamette Valley, JC and Tiffany Donnelly relocated their family in search of blue skies and southern hospitality. JC sold his successful construction company and took what he learned from two decades in the construction industry to create Destination Homes.

Destination Homes is focused on building homes that are designed to grow with you and are built to last. With foresight and planning, we will offer choices throughout the build process to personalize your home so that it fits you. 

Solid construction, quality craftsmanship, and exemplary customer service are the foundations of our organization and we strive to exceed your expectations every day.

Meet the Team

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JC Donnelly

Co-Founder & COO

JC is a General Contractor with 28+ years of remodel and new home construction experience. JC specializes in quality craftsmanship and excels at challenging builds.

A gifted craftsman and project manager, JC is highly regarded by both his customers and his sub-contractors.

When JC isn't in the shop creating something unique and useful you can find him cheering on Tanner from the sidelines of a sports field, or exploring the countryside by motorcycle.

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Tiffany Donnelly

Co-founder & CEO

Tiffany is a project manager who specializes in creating order out of chaos and providing predictability within a project.

Tiffany has 20+ years of experience in project management and is responsible for the daily business management of Destination Homes.

When she isn't in the office you can find Tiffany experimenting with new flavors in the kitchen, cheering on Tanner, or planning the family’s next adventure.

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Tanner Donnelly

Director of Life Balance 

Tanner is a lively and outgoing 10-year-old, with an infectious laugh and a love for all things Lego and football. He loves sports, hamburgers, ice cream, and doing cannonballs in the pool.

Tanner reminds us what is important in life and makes sure that JC and Tiffany don’t spend all their time working.

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Check out the portfolio, browse the gallery, or pop over to Facebook to see our current projects.  Please send us a message, we look forward to talking with you!